Welcome to Sharon Fullerton Photography.

I only shoot bar and bat mitzvahs because they are my passion.  I'm also a mitzvah mom going through this with my own children -- so I understand it from both sides of the camera.  My daughter's bat mitzvah is 2020.  My son's was 2018.   And did I mention I shot my first bat mitzvah in the 80's?   I work around DE, MD, NJ, PA and I'm willing to travel. 

Ultimately, you're hiring me to capture a milestone in your family's life and I respect that honor.  I strive to provide memories that will be meaningful to you now and in future generations.   I'm mindful of both traditional and contemporary elements of today's mitzvahs, and I like to creatively combine both in my photography style. 

I'd love to hear from you and learn more about your simcha.



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